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Grand Sapphire is a wedding venue with a different approach, it's totally flexible to your unique ideas. There are four different suites to choose from to hold big and small weddings. Our versatility is only limited to your imagination, we can bespoke your marriage day to your exact specifications. Grand Sapphire is the most stylish and luxurious choice for wedding venues in London. Grand Sapphire can host lavish wedding breakfasts to small and intimate receptions: the only focus will be on you and your guests. Let us take all the stress out from planning your marriage day without going over your budget. Intimate winter weddings take place at Grand Sapphire as our banqueting suites can host up to 800 people. Choosing your civil ceremony venueis a big decision as it is where you will enjoy the best day of your life. We make sure all the elements are incorporated to mesmerise and creates a magical and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Even if you are self-catering on the best day of your life, we can make it a memorable experience.

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Best Wedding Venue for Large & Small Weddings

Grand Sapphire is a wedding Venue with a different approach, it's totally flexible to your unique ideas. There are four different suites to choose from to hold big and small weddings. Our versatility is only limited to your imagination, we can bespoke your marriage day to your exact specifications. Grand Sapphire is the most stylish and luxurious choice for weddings in London.Grand Sapphire can host lavish wedding breakfasts to small and intimate receptions: the only focus will be on you and your guests. Let us take all the stress out from planning your marriage day without going over your budget.

Why Choosing The Best Wedding Venue Matters?

Finding the best wedding venue is hard and expensive and is an ongoing process of, continual hardships of many days, of self questioning and site visiting, coupled with personalization of one's concept of dream wedding and the glitz of the venue. Obviously, it will set the tone!Hence deciding when and where the wedding will take place is no more an easy task, especially when there are numerous innovative and novel venues out there in single vicinity.
When selecting a venue or place, one has to go with a series of questions, which is not only confined to space now, but a lot more, to mark the event memorable and to always cherish the moments of one's big day. For some, it is all for one day; but at other parts of the World, e.g. the Indian wedding celebrations or events are stretched across days. The selection of an Indian wedding venueis often related with the type and style of the wedding itself, which will have phenomenal effects on the event and on the guests as well.
Following are some of the facts and considerations, for making ones' dream wedding a memorable one.Finalizing a venue or place depends on the style of celebrations and before hand research on ones' selection criteria's:

The Location of Wedding Venue:

First and the foremost important decision to be made is the event site. Whether the location is reachable by your guests and attendees or not? Is the venue close by or a destination wedding? Will you be requiring the bussing of your guests and attendees or will they be coming on their own?
The main crux is whether or not the venue has an easy geographical location for everyone to get to the event site or place. It is important, yet crucial at times, to select a locality that is easy for all, for hosting events and celebrations.
Grand Sapphire is located in Croydon, South London, its easily accessible for all your guests who are travelling by car or train (only 12 minutes from London Victoria train station).

Road & Traffic Considerations When Selecting A Venue

Following the easy location of the venue, another important and essential requirement is the event site or place accessible. Whether it is easily accessible by the guests and attendees? Is the route leading to the venue available or are there short delays? If so, what are the alternative route or roads to the event site or location?
To avoid the hassle, it is best to provide accurate directions of the venue, on a separate map, along with the invitation. The directions should include: symbols (such as (East, West, etc.,) so that it is easy for the guests or attendees to follow; name of the street names, landmarks near by, to avoid your guests or attendees from being lost!

Visit the Venue before Booking

Another great idea is having a test-drive before to event location or site, to note well-known landmarks or street names. In addition, if the guests are additionally informed of the total driving time to and from the destination, this will be saving their time and trouble, and will impact positive on your event.
Grand Sapphire's location makes it away from the traffic and noise of the city while not being in the remote location. You are more than welcome to visit us, all you need to do is fill this form to book a viewing.

The Style of Wedding

The style of the wedding itself will funnel down the choice of the venue. The style of the wedding will be the most important element of any dream wedding coupled with the location of the venue.
All venues cannot adapt the personalized weddings, which makes it even hard to plan style-specific weddings or events. The style will determine:
The capacity of wedding venue: the seating and guest accommodation of the venue or site. For selecting the right venue, the guest list should be made as early as possible to avoid "shock guests" and to plan budget accordingly.
There are three halls (suites) available for hire to cater for all types of requirements:
Number of Guests in (Banqueting Style)
LED Mood Lighting
Luxurious Decor
Audio & Video Facilities
HD projectors
Free Wi-Fi
Customized Settings

The availability of wedding venue: whether or not the site is available for the wedding dates locked by the couple?
To check the availability and rates fill out the above form or give us a call to speak to one of our experienced advisors.
The layout of wedding venue: whether the venue has separate spaces and corresponding decor for different types of events and occasions?
Here at Grand Sapphire we have three halls, bridal rooms, chandeliers and offers customized settings and decor for any event.
The type of wedding venue: whether it is outdoor or indoor such as a hotel or a marquee, halls or ballrooms, garden ceremony or gourmet food, etc.? Does the venue have sufficient parking or is it accessible to public transport? Is the parking free or is there a parking fee? Whether it will be car-pooling or valet parking, etc.?
Grand Sapphire offers free parking for its customers, so whether your guests arrive by car or train, Grand Sapphire proves to be an ideal venue for a wedding ceremony.
Rates of wedding venue: is it affordable? Does that allow you to have other things in the budget? Grand Sapphire is proud to offer luxurious ever service at reasonable prices, although we are a business, however, we try our best to offer a package to each couple that isn't a big dent in their pocket and offer full value for each penny spent.
Restrictions: whether it has a definite end time? Whether they have any issues on smoking or drinking, etc.?
Additional costs: whether they charge extra for any or some facility? Do they charge extra for personalized decor lighting and flowers? We don't have any hidden costs or charges, you only pay for the services you get.
Caterers: whether allow in-house caterers at an additional cost or allow working with their preferred list of caterers. We leave it to you, you can choose to get catering services from one of our approved list of wedding caterers, or you can get the food prepared from any other catering company. We also have in house fully equipped kitchen available that can become handy.
In addition, the ambience of the venue; the color and inside interiors, the crockery and the presentation, the services and the amenities; the pleasantness and the comfort, the acoustics; how the sound travels through the venues all will be contributing factors towards the positivity and extraordinary experience of the venue and the event.

Food And Drink Quality

img06Food and drink selection is one of another milestones, when it comes to venue selection and making the most out of your choice for an unforgettable event or when it comes to grand celebrations. Consequently, it accounts for majority of the budget that is set aside for the event or celebrations itself. One must be affirmed of the number of guests attending the event at the venue before finalizing the food and beverage totals. In doing so, not only one is sure about the taste of the guests and attendees i.e., vegetarians or meat lovers but will also offer the right quality quantity and type of food and drinks to the guests which will leave a positive impression on the guests about catering.
Another great technique is having a look and experiencing the menu options prior to the event, and coming up with personalized yet contemporary food setup and presentation ideas will matter a lot and add to the glam and glitz of the event and the venue itself.
There is a lot more to consider when choosing the right venue for a big event like a wedding celebration. Gone are the days when people will have wedding ceremonials, parties or events simple. Now with the growing sense of personalization and awareness of style and themes, everyone wants a more customized experience and value preposition for their Big Day or an event. People now want "their-wedding their-way" and cherish the extraordinary memories.With the themed wedding concepts, people are more into particular colors, interiors, decors, settings, food items etc., along side the venue, and with the above mentioned information, it will become easy for anyone to find the perfect venue!
Thanks to Grand Sapphire's fully flexible settings, we are able to offer bespoke weddings, no matter what type of them you have in mind we will arrange it for. If you are looking for a big wedding, Grand Sapphire can host up to 800 guests at a time in banqueting style, if you are planning to invite only few guests we have the smallest suite available that can easily accommodate up to 120 wedding guests.
Hotel facilities available
Grand Sapphire provides informal luxury hotel accommodation in London. It is a perfect choice for a weekend break and occupies a beautiful location. Elegant rooms, exceptional service and sumptuous food all at affordable prices.
Grand Sapphire has a world class restaurant serving the most delicious food. Our master chefs are experienced in cooking the very best foods from around the world. You can also freshen up by enjoying drinks from our huge selection.

The Grand Ballroom
  • 800 Guests
  • Crystal Chandeliers
  • Splendid Partition
  • AV and Surround Sound system
  • 400 Guests
  • LED lighting
  • Adjacent to Grand Ballroom
  • AV and Surround Sound system
THE Rhubarb Suite
  • 120 Guests
  • Lavish D├ęcor
  • Beautiful Chandeliers
  • Ideal for Small Events
THE emirates suite
  • 300 guests
  • Crystal Chandeliers
  • Led mood lighting
  • Luxurious decor
This is a venue i truly adore, it has so much character, and so much thought has gone into the interior design.
It's beautiful, I mean I have not been to a venue like this, entices your senses literally. Look at the attention to detail, crystals, interior is so well thought about. They got private rooms as well you can make the most of them.
Got everything I Need
I've decided to get married here, because it's just got everything I need. From food to how big it is, the catering and everything!