The Grand Ball Room by Grand Sapphire

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The Grand Ballroom by Grand Sapphire

The Grand Ballroom is our largest and the most luxurious suite and can accommodate up to 800 guests in banqueting style event with its trendy and classy décor, prestigious crystal chandeliers in the State of the art designed ceiling which are surrounded with the customized LED Mood lighting , with audio & video facilities and HD projectors with dance floor. The Grand Ballroom is also ideal for segregated events with its splendid partition making it completely soundproof. The versatility of the Grand Ballroom allows it to hold various range of events such as weddings, reception, exhibitions, product-launch, social & corporate events.
800 Guests
Crystal Chandeliers
LED Mood Lighting
Splendid Partition
Audio & Video Facilities
HD projectors
Completely Soundproof
Hotel facilities available
Grand Sapphire provides informal luxury hotel accommodation in London. It is a perfect choice for a weekend break and occupies a beautiful location. Elegant rooms, exceptional service and sumptuous food all at affordable prices.
Grand Sapphire has a world class restaurant serving the most delicious food. Our master chefs are experienced in cooking the very best foods from around the world. You can also freshen up by enjoying drinks from our huge selection.

The Grand Ballroom
  • 800 Guests
  • Crystal Chandeliers
  • Splendid Partition
  • AV and Surround Sound system
  • 400 Guests
  • LED lighting
  • Adjacent to Grand Ballroom
  • AV and Surround Sound system
THE Rhubarb Suite
  • 120 Guests
  • Lavish Décor
  • Beautiful Chandeliers
  • Ideal for Small Events
THE emirates suite
  • 300 guests
  • Crystal Chandeliers
  • Led mood lighting
  • Luxurious decor
This is a venue i truly adore, it has so much character, and so much thought has gone into the interior design.
It's beautiful, I mean I have not been to a venue like this, entices your senses literally. Look at the attention to detail, crystals, interior is so well thought about. They got private rooms as well you can make the most of them.
Got everything I Need
I've decided to get married here, because it's just got everything I need. From food to how big it is, the catering and everything!