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Nov 29

Festivity and grandeur embody the wedding occasions.

Colours, music, fun and entertainment are the ingredients and accumulation of all these makes a perfect wedding festivity of the people of Sub-Continent. No matter the community related to any religion or sect, these elements are present one way to another. Every ritual is respected and performed with concern to avoid any imperfection in the wedding days. One of the most important things for the clients of this region is the decoration of their venues.

The members put their heart in arranging the weddings and decoration is the foremost thing they concentrate on. While living in the UK, these families want to achieve the same standard as it is back home and for this, they get many options for venues, decorations, halal food and freedom to follow their rituals and trends.

Bengali Wedding Venue Decorations:

Bengali wedding receptions are very grand yet simple in their decorations. The main color on which they emphasize is red. The Red, combined with the white is also present in the dresses of bride and groom. The main constituent of beautification of the venue is flowers and lots of flowers. Lightening make the beauty of flowers enhance and give a splendid look to the whole arena. The flowers shower love in the air and make the atmosphere fragrant and pure. Walk way for the guests is expected to be decorated with flower pillars and drapes.

Bengali Wedding Venue

Bengali Wedding Venue

Another very sweet item used in the decoration is deyas for a very traditional look. Now days many wedding planners provide electronic deyas with bulbs fixed in a container instead of oil, cotton and flame combined in a small bowl like container. It can be messy yet dangerous at the same time. Decorations are needed not only for the venue but also for the objects presented to the bride and groom at different days of the celebration that follows the main reception event. Ashirbaad and Dala, Aai Buro Bhaat, Gaye Holud Dala, Potto Bostro and Channatola, Piri, Bou Boron and Phool Sojja, all require decorated objects for using or presenting to the couple at different stages of the wedding. As the Bengali language, their weddings are as sweet as honey, as they say.

Indian Wedding Venue Decoration:

There are many events that follow an Indian wedding and their decorations are also different. Engagement, mehndi, reception, and post wedding party, all require different decorations. Color scheme for each function is kept different for maintaining a difference in each day.

Yellow themed decoration is preferred for the mehndi occasion. Mostly bright colors and lightening is used to illuminate the ornamentation at the reception which is mainly of flowers and drapes. But in reception the most important is the centre stage where all the ceremonies are performed by the couple. To keep this center stage in lime light it is decorated with much care and balance. After performing the predatory ceremonies the couple is shifted to the mandap. The mandap is decorated with lights and flowers and shapes can vary from circle to square. The pillars are even of different types at their base. A vas shaped support at the base or a simple square shaped support looks elegant.

Indian Wedding Venue

Indian Wedding Venue

The catering is full of variety. One thing important for Indian weddings is the type of food. One sect prefers vegetarian food while the other want meat menu. And there weddings are also different from one another so a wedding planner has to work differently for difference in preferences.

Pakistani Wedding Decoration:

A Pakistani Muslim wedding is more or less like an Indian wedding except for the difference in religious belief and the way rituals are carried out. A full-throttle celebration of a whole week with lots of excitement, activity and entertainment follows the main wedding reception. Decoration of every event varies from one another.

Engagement ceremony is done prior to wedding. Its decoration is kept somewhat simple. Dholki, mayon, mehndi all resembles one another and the decorations are also almost the same for all these days. There are traditional dances of boys and girls, typical songs called tappay are sung with dholki and competitions of bride and groom side constitute these functions.

Pakistani  Wedding Venue

Pakistani Wedding Venue

Nikah is either performed at home or at the masjid. There is less activity at this day. Small gifts are exchanged from both sides and the couple is announced husband and wife by the imam masjid or nikah khawan.

The barrat reception, that is the main and the most important function is commemorated with festivity. The gathering is grand and decorations are magnificent for this day. There is no restriction for hall arrangement or spot decision. Lightening, flowers, drapes, furniture all combine to make the wedding venue a wonderful site to rejoice. The seating for the members of groom side is separate, kept in the front and more comfortable. There are tables in front decorated with flower bouquets. The dinner or lunch is also specially served to them on those tables and with protocol.

Walima ceremony is to some extent plain as it is the ending function of the marriage. Decorations are kept elegant and decency is kept in mind instead of exaggeration.

Other Decorations:

Another beauty of the weddings discussed above is that not only the wedding venue is decorated the houses of bride and groom’s side are also get decor with tiny twinkling lights that makes them prominent and with this the families show their joy towards this event. The car of groom is also decorated beautifully with flowers and ribbons to make the ride special. In other cases horse carriage is also arranged for the groom to ride on while going for reception. The way it is decorated is majestic and a treat for the eyes.



Another traditional way is to ride a beautified horse with an embellished umbrella which makes the entry of the groom customary. Each and every ritual followed in these weddings depict love, cherish and very eastern tone. From the mere site of invitation card one can get the idea that what constitutes the gala. From the preparation of every single aspect of the event, whether it is the dresses or the venue, portray the value the people of Sub-Continent give to the festival.

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