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Nov 22

Give charge to a wedding planner for the perfect experience.

Having the right person for a job makes the work easier and manageable. Same rule applies in case of a wedding. Having a capable wedding planner at your side gives surety that every step will be organized and planned for a perfect happy day. Every girl starts dreaming about an ideal wedding at a very early age.

To give command of your occasion to another person is a difficult decision but one should know that marriage is an occasion to be remembered with lots of good memories and not stress and mishaps happening every other second. It should be a day of enjoyment and bliss and not of tensions..



Way of Work

The first and foremost thing is to select a wedding planner who suits your requirement and taste. Duties of a wedding planner vary from what package you select. The client can choose a full fledge planning or a one day coordination only.

The wedding planner then asks for your budget. As it is the first thing that becomes a hindrance in the process, this should be cleared in the very early meeting. The wedding planner comes with different packages and offers. The wedding planning is not a one man job. It includes a whole team.

Wedding planning is difficult yet exciting and action packed job. The wedding vendors plus the planner makes a team that makes your wedding stress free and joyful event.

Day of Coordination

If the planner is selected for the wedding day only them he/she is in charge of all the events going to happen that day. For the client has already planned rest of the days but needs help for the main day. This does not mean that the work of the organiser becomes easy when it comes to organising just one day.



He/she has to perform with the same quickness, management and responsibility as for a full-service wedding. The planner has to contact the vendors for a smooth wedding day a week before the event takes place.

The DJ, photographer, caterer, florist, cake and everything according to the ritual of the family should be taken care of by the team to give a top class service.

Full Event Service

In this type of package the wedding planner have to go through every tit bit of the occasion. As the Asian wedding events starts before one week of the marriage day, the task requires effort in every aspect and day.



From booking the vendors and saloon, entering of the bride, booking the photographer, the venue, time of the day, book a hotel for the guests who come from far off, deciding food, giving suggestion to the client in any area needed, decorations for every separate day and the manner and timing of every move all becomes the duty of a wedding planner. In short, every section is in your hands.

There can be a lot of meetings before the final decision of every step going to be taken. The wedding planner strictly follows the budget of the client to avoid any distasteful incident.

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