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Cash as a wedding gift

Selecting a wedding gift for a couple can be very tricky. The choice largely depends on how close you are to them. One should think of a present that will be useful for the couple as they have to start a new life together. Bedding, clothing, home décor and accessories are some of the common picks.

Many people however opt for cash as a wedding gift. We have often seen the bride or her mother loaded with envelopes during the ceremony. It is because of the fact that many people find it hard to decide what should be given as a gift and they think giving cash is convenient for both the giver and receiver.

Is it appropriate to give cash as a wedding gift?

It is perfectly okay to give cash to the wedding couple as a gift. In fact, many people choose this option as it is convenient for them as well as for the couple. Everyone is familiar with the struggle of finding a perfect gift and making it presentable. What color would be good? Is this gift enough? Should I go for the bouquet too? Many thoughts will fuzz you. A money bag will save you from taking out time to go shop for an appropriate gift for the couple. You do not have to worry if it is perfectly wrapped.

Many couples welcome this kind of gesture from their guests. It is quite practical as the couple can use this money to cover their expenses right after the wedding, honeymoon for instance. After spending so much on the wedding festivities the couple gets a relief.

Wedding Cash Envelope

Wedding Cash Envelope

Who should you present the cash envelope to?

Money bags are not usually directly handed to the couple as they are already having so many things going on and they are likely to misplace it. It is a better idea to give the cash gift to the parents or a close family member of either of them who must already be holding and managing other things of the couple. You can also have separate envelopes for the groom and bride if you want.

How much will be suitable?

You should not be very particular about this nor should you burden yourself by giving an amount greater than you can afford. No amount is big or small. But you should never try to match the amount they once spent on you. It is just a polite gesture from you for the couple who has to start a new life. Your presence and well wishes also count a lot. However, how close you are to the couple is a key factor in determining the amount. A very close family member like siblings prefer a cash gift.

Wedding Ceremony


 How to present it?

Money bags are easily available on every stationery store in numerous colors, patterns and sizes. They are usually very cheap. You can grab a bunch of these envelopes and use them whenever going to attend a wedding ceremony.

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