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Nov 15

Red colour for Indian bridal dress

Planning each and every details of your wedding can be tough but the most difficult part for a bride-to-be is to choose the perfect wedding look for her big day. Girls just want perfection! They want themselves to be “the bride of their dreams”. Easier said than done, huh! We have all the information locked for you, the answers to all your questions regarding a traditional Indian wedding look.

A traditional Indian wedding is known for its festivity, rituals and colourful events. The wedding is quite a lengthy affair and lasts for several days with its pre and post wedding rituals.

The colour “Red” – common choice for bridal wear

Ever wondered why are Indian brides always wearing red dresses on the day of their wedding? Here is why. The colour red is symbolic in Indian culture and is thought to be synonymous to passion, vigor, love, commitment and strength.

For this reason red colour finds special place in many rituals on the festive occasion of wedding ceremony. It is very common for an Indian bride to dress up in red colour on the day of her wedding. The colour adds a traditional touch to her attire. Bridal wear and other things auspiciously related to wedding are also red in colour to signify good luck.



Significance of red colour

Red is commonly depicts love and passion in Indian culture. This colour is connected to the rising sun and as time after wedding is considered the start of a new life so connected to marriage in that sense. Hindus have firm belief in stars and study the stars before making big decisions. Besides, according to astrology, planet Mars is in charge of marriages and is also of the same colour. A bride is asked to specially get a red colored dress for her wedding which depicts prosperity and fertility.

Variations in wedding dress

Some bride’s now-a-days want to twist and turn things a bit by mixing the traditional look with a new combination. Some wear red in contrast to other Colours like yellow, green, golden, blue, pink etc. or choose different shades of red for their dress. The bridal dresses are also heavily loaded with embroidery. Most commonly golden, silver or copper colour is liked by brides for embroidery and embellishments along with ornamental stones.



Bridal accessories

Ornaments and accessories are considered very important and wedding attire is considered incomplete without them. The case with an Indian bride is no different. Different shades of red are preferred for jewelry as well. Not just the dress, but any other ornaments worn by the bride also contain a touch of red colour. The sindoor, tilaak, bindi, lehanga, the bangles, the ghoonghat are all in shades of red in a traditional Indian wedding. It also matches the jewelry with the outfit making a stunning bridal look.



Touch of red in groom’s attire

It is recently been seen that the groom wears a red turban to associate with the red colour in the bridal dress.

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