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Nov 8

Exclusive inside details of a lavish wedding of Russian billionaires daughter

Exclusive inside details of a lavish wedding of Russian billionaire’s daughter

Wonder how a million dollar wedding looks like? Let us share with you the inside story of such a recent event. Last week a Russian billionaire named Ilkhom Shokirov threw an extremely lavish ceremony for his daughter’s wedding. The oil tycoon made sure that the wedding was no less than a fairy tale. In spite of the fact that the billionaire wanted to stay away from the media highlight, soon after the wedding evening, it was all over the news and everyone seemed curious to learn more and more details about the great extravaganza.

Who is Ilkhom Shokirov?

It was reported that Ilkhom Shokirov is the owner of the most luxurious hotel located in the capital city of Tashkent in north-eastern Uzbekistan. In addition to this he also owns 65 percent of the shares in one of the largest shopping centers called Demir in Uzbekistan. The list does not end here; he has partnership in a couple of hotels in western Russia’s Moscow region. No wonder his daughter had such an incredible and extraordinary wedding ceremony.

Spotlight on the bridal dress

First, let’s talk about the bridal dress which was the highlight of the evening. All eyes were on the bride as she wore a jewel studded dress by British fashion house Ralph & Russo. Madina shone in the ball gown that featured detailed intricate embroidery, organza petals, hundreds of pearls and Swarovski crystals. It was a heavy tail ended gown elegantly carried by Madina.

The couture gown had such a long cathederal train that it took up the entire reception ballroom. This absolutely stunning dress was almost worth half a million (about $40 million RUB). The bride reportedly turned down a wedding gown from the leading haute Zuhair Murad and went with British designers Ralph & Russo.



Evening guests themselves were ultra-glamorous with their designer designed expensive dresses, shinning jewelry and trendy footwear and so on. Pictures of the wedding went viral on the social media and brides-to-be are taking notes from this fancy wedding affair. The wedding with all its festivities and colors was so opulent that it did not even seem real for a commoner. Such a luxury can only be dreamt of.

 The festive wedding reception

The billionaire spared no expense so as to make the wedding look dreamy. His daughter, Madina Shokirov tied the knot with a man named Sador in the deluxe Raddison Royal Congress Park hotel in the city of Moscow, Western Russia.

The evening was a great pomp and show of money and royalty. The fancy wedding reception was attended by approximately 9000 guests. No wonder a billionaire had that a many guests invited. Sources report that the huge gathering included close family and friends and other famous celebrities. In the pictures of the great wedding the guests can be seen wearing trendy costumes showcasing a glamourous evening.

Magnanimous multi-tiered wedding cake

If the numbers have not surprised you yet we should be mentioning the 10 feet tall wedding cake next. 10 feet? Yeah that is insane for a normal wedding but best suited for the extravagant wedding that it was. The cake was so heavy that it had to be carried by four men to the reception. Can you imagine! The sight of it alone was enough to leave everybody stunned.



This immensely massive cake was baked by Renat Agzamov. He was a Russian boxer who has now turned into a professional baker and bakes designer cakes now. The guests were wowed by the white wedding cake to which the soft colored flowers added more elegance and grace. Initials of the couple “SM” were also delicately carved on the cake in white color. The cake seemed very rich in texture and why wouldn’t it be! It must have also cost a fortune.

Mesmerising indoor wedding decor

To share some juicy bits from the reception décor, the ceiling was all covered in flowers. Beautiful centerpieces left the guests in awe. We can only imagine of the luxury of artful décor was there to magnify the event. As mentioned above, the ravishing event took place in a high class hotel in Moscow last week and has all eyes on it since then.

Rich entertainment for the evening

Musical bands and other artists were invited for the entertainment of guests who had gathered for the grand celebrations. The evening featured entertainment worthy of Cirque du Soliel. A singer and a dance troupe took on the stage to entertain thousands of guests throughout the evening. The entertainment alone cost about 30 million RUB. Some sources have also mentioned that Maroon 5 was there for the mega performance as well however it could not be confirmed.

The bachelorette party

It was just not about the wedding, it was all the pre-wedding festivities as well. A girl themed bachelorette party was not forgotten at all. And we got hands on some of the pictures shared on the internet that show the bride having fun with her friends. The bachelorette party with all its arrangements was also jaw-dropping. Before the wedding day Madina, whose father is a fairly rich man, spent her bachelorette party in the Spanish resort town of Marbella.

It is worth mentioning that she flew there along with all her girlfriends in a private jet. In the pictures shared on the social media Madina can be seen enjoying the company of friends on a board yacht in Marbella. Other pictures show her receiving bags full of roses from her friends.



It would not be wrong to say that the ceremony was the definition of perfection. There was everything one could only think of. Tough this is not the first multimillion wedding but it could not stay away from the media spotlight due to its great pomp and show.

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