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Nov 17

Tie the knot according to your dreams

Asian weddings are full of colors and fun. You are talking about a whole week occupied with functions and entertaining rituals. Each and every occasion demands effort to make it a hit and everyone remembers it for years. The stunning arrangements, brilliant organization, breathtaking decorations and the glamour mark Asian weddings.

Styling the wedding venue

Whether the marriage ceremony is Indian or Pakistani, they create such a charismatic atmosphere that every one indulges in its festivity. Every step in the organization is a once in a life time experience. Creating a perfect wedding venue is at the top of the list.



One can order floral decorations, lighting décor and different color based ornamentation. The walk way can be lit with either lanterns or with string lights to give a special treatment to the guests and specially the bride and groom. Drapes can also be a nice addition to the glamour of hall.

 The cake table and cake

The cake and its table are very important elements in a UK based Asian wedding. Cake can be ordered in any style at all and of any shape you desire. The decoration of the cake is very important to make it attractive and unique. Its table setting is different from any other function. It should not be over powering the cake nor be less to make the spot dull.



Preparing for the big day

The bride and groom want to look the best at their wedding day. They hire the finest designer for clothing. The bride desire to have a flawless make over for the marriage and bookings are done before hand for the top rating parlor.



All the jewelry is in place and is ready to wear. The house of the bride and groom is decorated as well to show the celebratory mood of the families. The family members order their dresses way before the wedding and themes are decided for every function. Entertaining the guests in every way is the top most priority of both sides so special care is taken in this section.

The stage

To make the sitting area of the couple look unique is a difficult task. People have many ideas in their minds for a different themed stage. Every idea is new in its aspect and its implementation is a challenging task. Mostly these ideas are taken from an experience in the past or from a movie on shaadi theme.



Rain of flowers

The most beautiful way of welcoming the guests is by the rain of flowers. It can be arranged by making a plank beside the walk way for the hosting company to stand on it and shower flowers on the Baraat.

Another can be by arranging machinery that can do the work for it. There are boxes full of flowers lined up and through a panel they can be opened to create the magical effect of flowers pouring from the sky.



 Departure in a Palanquin

It was an old fashion to depart the bride in a palanquin which has become rare these days. But some do it as an old tradition to carry it for some distance and then the bride rides the car decorated for the purpose.

The palanquin is like a human carriage made like a box and opens from either side covered with drapes. It is made very colorful with strings of flower and comfortable from inside so that the bride do not feel awkward in it.

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