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Nov 7

Unique colour schemes make difference at your special day

Colours are very important for the decoration of a wedding venue. Their importance becomes double when talking about the embellishment of the event. It’s the choice of the customer to select the colour scheme they want for the marriage. Some people go with the trend while some like to make a new fashion. People expect a very extravagant deco from the wedding planner. One mistake and the whole idea go to waste. One of its kind beautification is the answer to a clients’ demand. They desire either matching the scheme with that of bride and groom or they want a contrast so that the couple remain in the lime light.

 Vibrant colours:

Mostly vibrant colours are mark of an Indian and Pakistani wedding. People love to decorate the wedding venue with sharp coloured ornamentation. The dress of the bride on baraat is always selected by keeping in mind that it should be a unique dark shade which will stand out amongst all the dresses of invited guests.



Mostly it is red or in a tone of red. The stage is also decorated with sharp coloured decorations and flowers. Mostly red, pink, purple, majanda, copper, maroon, royal blue and golden colours are set for the arrangement so that the stage becomes the centre of attraction for all. But one thing should be kept in mind that it should not overwhelm the couple. On walima ceremony however the case is unlike baraat or reception. The stage is still kept vibrant but a little less and other decoration is kept somewhat simple.

 Soothing colours:

It is not necessary that the decoration should always be in vibrant tones. Soothing soft colours can also be the choice of some. Unlike vibrant colours there is a much wider choice for dull but calm colours. In them beige, fawn, off white, peach, light green, violet, light pink and black can also be used with a blend of other colours, brown shades and dull golden shades always dominate.



These shades can be used as one or can be combined with another to make a beautiful venue. A bit dark shade can also be used in combination with light colour to make the environment a bit fresh and attractive. This is a technique that can make a dull scheme bright, just one dark shade added and the whole place seem different.

 Light Effects:

A new technique, through which a wedding planner can make a simple decoration rise, is the use of lights. These days there is a whole new range of lighting effects. Spot light or pin spot, colour wash, gobos, led, string lighting are the examples. Each lighting style is matched with the time of the wedding being held and off course to the choice of the client.



Lighting is also done according to the style of the wedding. Whether the couple wants a rustic, classic, romantic, edgy or modern theme makes the lighting specialist decide what to do. Lighting can enhance those tiny details that you have worked so hard on that can be left unnoticed due to absence of illumination.

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