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Nov 21

Bridal dress colour according to your skin tone, tips for Indian brides

A number of Indian brides now-a-days ditch the traditional colour that is red, for their wedding day as they are getting a lot of inspiration from the western bridal trends. Red has been the colour for an Indian bride for so long but now it is time those brides chose a colour of their liking that will suit them best.

When you are out in the market looking for a wedding dress, there are so many colours and designs and you have to pick just one, “the one”, it can be a very tough call. You may like a sharp green colour but it might not go well with your personality. You do not want to ruin your entire look on the day you thought you would be the queen.

It is so important to look for a colour that will make your skin look fresh and alive and enhance your features. Here are a few simple tricks for you when you are out on a bridal dress hunt that will allow you to choose the dress according to your complexion.beautiful-indian-wedding-dresses-dark-skin-tone

Cool vs warm skin-how to identify yours?

Many people do not know if asked what is their skin tone. This is because they do not know a way to figure it out. Surprisingly, it is very easy. You do not have to go through any tests or physical examination you can self-exam yourself and come to know about your skin tone.

Test whether you have cool or warm toned skin by looking at the veins under your wrist. If they appear to be more green than blue, then you are warm toned and if they appear bluer then you are definitely cool toned. Warmer skin is more yellow coloured, while cooler skin makes you look pinker.

Cool/ pale skin tone

A general rule of thumb is that cooler colours look best on people with cool skin tones. Have a look at this brief guide:

  • Colours to pick:

For subtle and softer look, opt for colours like raspberry pink, brighter shades of blue, bright sorbet shades of pink and lime green etc. These colours will compliment your skin tone and give you an extra glow.

A dress with a colour that suits you amplifies your features and makes you look younger as well. With pale skin deep jewel tones like wine, pomegranate, emerald green, midnight blue can make you look the prettiest bride ever.

  • Colours to avoid:

Talking about the colours that you should choose from, the colours that might not look good on you are also worth mentioning. Although you might be tempted to try out beige colour which has been in bridal dresses trends for a year now, but it is a bad news for you. This colour might make your complexion look several tones darker.

On top of all this, it can spoil your wedding photographs too. A very bright tangerine orange or tomato red are the other colours that you should stay clear of. However, a sweet peachy orange may look fantastic so will a rust orange shade and a deep red or rose red. Rust colour also adds a royal and glamorous look.



You can also wear it as a combination with other colours. It can also be an alternative to the traditional golden colour. If you want a bit gold-ish touch without using the usual golden colour then rust colour will give you the perfect look.

Warm/ medium skin tone

The fire shades such as orange, yellow and red will look best on you.

  • Colours to pick:

You can choose from the shades of red, orange, yellow and any other colour with a hint of these shades. Corals, saffron yellow, rust, hot pink, peach and any other colour that you find will brighten up your face. Think of a colour with an inclination towards peach or orange, and that is your colour.

Be a happy bride! The shades of colour you are choosing will be very crucial. It is okay to have green colour but brighter medium toned emerald toned green would be better than very dark emerald colour. Likewise choose royal blue over midnight blue. Some earthy and medium toned jewel colour like a dusty pink itself would make you look stunning.

  • Colours to avoid

Neutral colours such as beige, faun, gold and other similar hues will make you look dull on camera. Other colour like grey is seriously to be avoided as it will wash out your complexion and spoil your overall look and you will end up looking tired. The affect is most eminent in photographs. Avoid choosing your wedding attire in deep greens or purple.

Olive skin tone

Darker girls think that pastels will not look good on them but it is opposite to reality. In real, these colours not only amp the bride’s natural features but also give her a stylish glow.

  • Colours to pick:

A mint green touch to your wedding dress will be absolutely amazing. You will be surprised how it suits your complexion. Warm pastel pink and dusty pink make your skin look radiating and young.



  • Colours to avoid:

Red is a big no for you as it will conceal your natural beauty and makes you look darker. If you do not want to give up on red, then you can go with muted shades of red like orange red that will look good on you.

Although neon colours are very trendy and in now-a-days but they are not recommended for your skin tone. Experimenting with these ultra-bright colours can be risky for your wedding day look.

Although this guide is to satisfy most people but some may not agree to our suggestion. It is okay to play around with different colours for rich wedding attire. Even if the colour of your dress completely washes out your face, a fine makeup can dramatically change your entire look.

Powerful makeup can add all the colour and warmth to your face that I necessary. Hopefully this guide will at least help you initiate your choice of the colour of your wedding dress.

Once your dress is finalized, please let your wedding venue decorators know about the decision, and discuss thoroughly about the colour decorations.

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