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Nov 9

What do you need to do to attend your friends Indian Wedding?

As a person who lives in a multi cultural society like London, I fully understand how people from different countries across the globe come together and become best of friends and even get married.

It’s a natural thing because the feelings of friendship and love, the bond between different people from different backgrounds, doesn’t know any borders. Borders are only man made drawings after all.

India and Pakistan used to be one country, known as the Indian Sub-Continent and then they were divided in to two countries. However, this division was just of land and not of customs, culture, language and livelihood etc.

People on the Indian Punjab side share the same customs, culture and language as the Punjabis on the Pakistani side. And even their livelihood is based on agriculture. It’s sad to see when people from these two parts of the world meet up in a different country and become BFF, but when they return home they are not allowed to share borders.



Borders are only man made drawings after all.

You may have heard the story of Purvi Thacker and Sarah Munir. Both are friends who met at the Columbia Journalism School in the US.

Purvi wrote Facebook, “For all those who know mine and Sarah Munir’s friendship, you will understand how heartbroken we are that her visa application to India for my wedding in December was denied. That my best friend cannot be there for what will be my biggest day is something that I cannot come to terms with. Forget the hustling, the paperwork, the months of coordination and prayers — we didn‘t know that it would end with a rejection,”

“One of the most heartbreaking situations is due in December when I won’t be able to attend Purvi’s wedding because I have not been given a visa to do so. I can’t imagine not being there for the biggest day of her life,” Munir added.

Purvi has now taken to social media to get his story viral and to get Munir to India. Munir works in US and has visited India several times before.

How did these two meet, Sarah Said, “It was 5 years ago when we met at Columbia Journalism School where we were both enrolled in the graduate programme. Thacker didn’t have a place to live so she showed up to my room with her bags in hand and the rest as they say is history,”



Love, friendship and human bonds have no borders, no man made lines so let’s hope they do enjoy the wedding in December.

Please show your support for human bonds, for love, for friendship and for humanity and share the story so we can get it to the right people.

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