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Jun 17

How your event plans out, how effective and successful you are all depends on how well you plan

1. Decide your goal

Decide Your Goal

Decide Your Goal

To manage an event successfully, you have to first define what success is. Who do you want to attract? Is this event for awareness or is there something more you wish to achieve from it?

2. What’s your scope?

First of all, know how much you can handle. Don’t give yourself a task that even a professional would struggle with. Do what is within your ability and do it well. If you focus and be realistic then one hour in your office will have good results.

3. Get the time right

Have a set time

Have a set time

Timing is everything. Your success is dependent upon this. If you book your event at a time where your target audience is preoccupied in other matters then you’re essentially wasting your time and energy. Also, work out how much time you need before you set a date. The last thing you want is to be left with a workload larger than your time frame.

4. Organize your team

Pick the right people and assign them to the tasks that suit them. Be very careful. One rotten apple can destroy the bunch.

5. Undergo a Virtual Tour

With your team sit down and have a mental tour of how the event will turn out. Be sure not to leave any step out and make a note of all the things you will need as you go through your tour. Also bear in mind the possible disasters and discuss a backup with your team should anything go wrong. That could range from someone important not turning up or something as small as running out of chairs.

6. Decide how much you want to spend

Set Your Budget

Set Your Budget

As you mentally tour your event you will get an idea of the amount you need to spend and what your budget needs to be. You need to decide whether you are doing ok, you need to re-arrange your plan or arrange more money. It’s essential to do this yourself early on so if you realise you are short, you can make a decision to either sell tickets earlier or find someone to partner with you.

7. Market your event

Make a plan on how to do this. If you succeed in this then you’re halfway there. Depending on your guest list, decide how you will market and from when until when. From your team, assign reliable people to this task.

8. Use social media

Use Social Media

Use of Social Media

Use this not just to market, but also to build excitement regarding the event. Assign an employee to the task of keeping media actively aware about the progress of the upcoming event.

9. Organise your promotional technique

If you want to have a successful event you need to ensure you have at hand what is needed to promote yourself and its goal to your customers. Decide what suits you best whether brochures, cards or even prize giveaways.

10. Embrace positivity and be optimistic

Once you have done your best, stay positive. Don’t let small slips make you down and be prepared for the worst, but expect the best. Your attitude will be visible to your customers so ensure you are smiling and confident. If you are not positive, your target audience won’t be either.

11. Take the next step

When your event has finished, sit down and follow up on your customers or your guests. To say thank you or to remind them about offers and to invite them to your next event. This step is almost as important as the event itself.

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